Auditing and Consultant Services

At Frontline Medics we understand the intrinsic value of periodically assessing all facets of delivering healthcare at the "coal face". We are experienced in a wide variety of accreditation processes, and operational evaluations.

We can assess all facets of your present healthcare delivery system. From your equipment requirements to your emergency response plans we can provide objective analysis with thoughtful recommendations for improvement.

From a risk management perspective and the requisite lowering of corporate liability exposure, it is critical to put emergency response plans through their paces to properly assess their reliability. In our humble estimation this is a critical part of a total quality improvement strategy that at its heart is fundamental to good business practices. It is one thing to have a plan on paper, but quite another reality to put it into actual practice and see if it works as intended.

In a consulting role, we can assist you composing specific response plans such as pandemic, emergency mass casualty response, Hazmat response, and food or water borne illness response.