Eye Care Services

Frontline Medics can provide experienced ophthalmology technicians to support your occupational or remote location eye service needs. We offer a broad scope of services including:

  1. Complete Eye Exam
  2. Dilated or Non-Dilated Fundus Exam
  3. Refraction for Glasses and Contacts
  4. Reading Glass Prescriptions
  5. Contact Lens Measurements and Fittings
  6. Minor Eye Glass Frame Repairs and Adjustments
  7. Color Vision Testing
  8. Amsler Grid (for visual field Loss)
  9. Visual Fields
  10. Schirmer Test (for Dry Eye Syndrome)
  11. Evaluation of Pupils
  12. Exophthalmology
  13. Tonometry (Goldman or Perkins Hand Held)
  14. Ocular Motility Assessments
  15. Extraocular Muscle Assessments
  16. Strabismus Assessments
  17. Amblyopia Detection
  18. Evaluation Assessment Methods (e.g. Stereopsis)
  19. Photography