Health Education Services

You need ready access to education for your staff and we can provide qualified instructors to deliver training to our customers on site. Education and certification is available for the following courses:

In addition we can educate personnel in environmental health risks and vector disease prevention, including topics such as hypothermia, hyperthermia, respiratory protection, electrical injury prevention/safety, basic hygiene & hand washing and insect/rodent protection.

We can also train your Emergency Response Team in the utilization of the Incident Command (ICS) System for mass casualty response.

There are several inherent advantages in training employees in the location where they work. It minimizes the employee utilizing their earned time off to complete the required training. It provides specific relevancy to where they may be required to use the training they have received. It more importantly lowers overall logistical costs to the company by not having to pay travel or accommodation fees for individual employees to get the training required.

At Frontline Medics we can tailor/modify the course schedule to meet your requirements while still allowing your employees to continue to complete their scheduled work.