Marine Medical Services

Frontline Medics has significant experience in providing full spectrum medical care in the harshest of marine environments. We have access to healthcare providers with significant shipboard experience garnered within the Canadian Navy who have literally sailed the Seven Seas providing exceptional health care to their fellow shipmates. We also have Canadian Marine Medical Examiner expertise.

We can also provide First Aid, CPR, and Emergency Medical Responder training to the Ship's Emergency Services Organization and conduct comprehensive casualty/emergency simulations to ensure operational readiness. Teaching your personnel while sailing minimizes time lost to training ashore while confirming they can utilize these skills where it counts sea.

We can provide medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, complemented by on-call medical direction for the ship's Captain, in providing emergency care to crew.

We leverage available computer and satellite technology to ensure our care providers have access to physician consultation 24/7as required anywhere in the world.