Trauma Kits / First Aid Kits / Medical Equipment

At Frontline Medics we have years of operational experience in equipping and provisioning isolated healthcare facilities. Whether at sea or shore based we know what medical equipment works best in these demanding geographical locations.

We can provide all of your medical equipment and first aid supply needs whether you are a small geological survey team or require a fully functional remote acute care medical clinic supporting more then a thousand personnel. All of our Medical/Trauma Kits exceed current Provincial/Territorial regulations for industrial site health and safety requirements.

Additionally, we have access to Bio Medical Technicians who can provide regular equipment maintenance, life cycle management, and ensure warranties are honoured.

We provide the flexibility of being able to rent/lease medical equipment for shorter term projects and the cost savings of purchasing required equipment for longer term initiatives.

All of our kits and medical equipment are modularized for ease of shipping and can be easily palletized for air transport.

For more information on the medical kits and equipment we can supply please contact us to discuss your requirements.