Occupational Health Services

Your business needs workers who are healthy physically and mentally. When illness or injury occurs, you need to ensure that your personnel are assessed promptly, and rehabilitated appropriately. Frontline Medics is experienced in providing health and performance management services, including multi-disciplinary assessments, Early and Safe Return to Work programming, and sick leave management.

Frontline Medics can provide pre and post employment medical examinations, including assessment of fitness for remote site projects and corresponding health risk analysis. We can arrange diagnostic tests and specialist consultations for employees to ensure continuity of care from point of injury or illness.

We are well aware of the jurisdictional Worker's Compensation Commission required reports and returns. We will work closely with on site leadership and safety supervisors to ensure all regulations are adhered to.

Our healthcare providers can also provide on site drug and alcohol testing on both a random basis and post incident or accident. In addition, on request we can pre arrange individual pre-employment drug and alcohol screening.

Many of our personnel are qualified to complete water quality sampling and field analysis for potability. Conducting detailed on site hygiene galley/kitchen and dining facilities inspections ensures compliance with all relevant food surveillance/safety regulations.

We also can provide access to Industrial Hygiene Technicians to complete on site industrial sanitation/hygiene surveys. Additionally, we can complete sound, light, and air quality surveys and submit comprehensive reports with recommendations for any required improvements.